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Don't Forget Dessert: 3 of Our Favorite Sweet Sous Vide Recipes

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May 22, 2015 2:30:00 PM

dessertSous vide is famous for producing juicy and tender entrees like succulent lamb chops or perfectly pink steaks. But you don’t have to stop at the main course. Restaurants and food brands alike can apply the process to dessert menus for an end-to-end sous vide experience that cuts down on prep time and offers convenient options for home cooks.

Not ready to make the leap? Try your hand at three of the best sous vide dessert recipes on the internet and see whether these savory sweets don’t convince you.

1. Mexican Chocolate Pots du Crème

This simple pudding is amped up substantially with a Mexican chocolate makeover. Mexican Chocolate Pots du Crème are a perfect pick for Latin-inspired lunches, perfect for a Cinco de Mayo celebration or quinceañera. You can put together an entire southwestern feast in a flash: Pair this decadent dessert with an entrée of sous vide prepared fajitas, refried beans and Spanish rice for a truly cohesive experience.

Simple ingredients including heavy whipping cream, vanilla extract, egg yolks and whole milk create the base for this pudding-style dish. Meanwhile the addition of Ibarra Mexican Chocolate, which features the spicy addition of cinnamon and actual cocoa nibs, brings this dessert up to the next level from your basic chocolate pudding cup. The signature addition of shaved Mexican chocolate puts the finishing touch on this dessert.

2. Champagne Zabaglione

This Italian confection takes as little as 15 minutes to put together sous vide style, making it the ideal dessert for a busy restaurant kitchen. Sous Vide Champagne Zabaglione is a sweet Italian custard traditionally paired with fresh fruit. This versatile dessert can be a topping—drizzled over the top of a serving of sliced stone fruits like nectarines, peaches or plums—or as the base for a fruit compote—top of a cup of zabaglione with a spoonful of macerated berries for a dessert that’s fit for royalty.

Champagne Zabaglione is the perfect choices when you need a fast and refreshing dessert.

While the traditional manner of making a zabaglione involves Marsala wine, this recipe opts for a lighter Moscato d’Asti or Champagne which makes for a lighter hued and more delicately flavored sauce— a splendid update for a summer dessert. You can serve the zabaglione warm, as follows tradition, or opt for a room temperature sauce, which tastes just as pleasant and may better suit a serving a freshly sliced fruit.

Three simple ingredients and an easy sous vide set up and you kitchen will be churning out made to order zabaglione desserts with ease.

3. Sous Vide Lemon Curd

Another dessert that screams sunshine is the Sous Vide Lemon Curd. Making your own lemon curd is easy enough, but using the sous vide method will save your kitchen precious time while still delivering on your guests’ expectations for freshness. Your cooks won’t be stuck by a stove stirring and coddling the curd and you’ll still have a final product that is free of artificial colors, added flavors and preservatives.

You can create a bevy of desserts using sous vide lemon curd, which stores just as well in the refrigerator as traditionally prepared version: from pies to an accompaniment for ripe berries, this staple is a dessert chef’s best friend for summertime.

Take Your Sous Vide Experience to the Next Level

Explore your options and test out the best sous vide recipes before making a commitment. Not only are these recipes simple and easy to try—even if you don’t want to invest in a full sous vide set up—but they offer rich and authentic flavors that titillate taste buds. And opting for sous vide prepared desserts can help make your kitchen more efficient.


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