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New Food Packaging Innovation Glimpses the Future of Preservation

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Dec 16, 2014 3:00:00 PM

meat-vacuum-wrapped-in-plasticThe key to a good recipe—whether it’s destined for a restaurant dining room or a grocery store shelf— isn’t just picking out the right ingredients. You need the right packaging, too.  

And when it comes to food packaging innovation, being the best means more than just having the best looking package on the shelf—though that’s not to say appearance isn’t a critical factor in customer’s purchasing decisions. The best food packaging looks great and offers some new technique or technology that will help manufacturers, corporate chefs and home cooks alike keep their food fresher for longer. If you’re really good, your packaging also provides some additional benefit like a simpler way to prepare complex meals or a minimal carbon footprint.

Let’s take a look at some of food-grade plastics’ best in class and see what today’s packaging innovators have to offer.

SEALPAC Wins Oscar Award for TenderPac

When searching for a way to reduce food waste— while preserving food in a high quality and safe container— SEALPAC is at the forefront of this race.

As a part of their membership in the SAVE FOOD Initiative, the German packaging company has created TenderPac, a packaging system for meat utilizing a dual-compartment vacuum. The globally accepted packaging won a prestigious Oscar de l’Emballage in 2013 via the French Emballages Magazine. SEALPAC is a valued maker of sustainable packaging, featuring the smallest carbon footprint and highest food safety assessment.

For food preservation, food manufacturers looking for greener ways to extend the shelf life of their dishes may want to look into what SEALPAC vacuum sealing technology has to offer.

A Second Skin Using Skin Packs

Packaging that allows cooks to see foods after they have been sealed adds an extra layer of convenience and value. Vacuum skin packs go a step further by granting optimum conditions for hygienic foods. One company, MULTIVAC, has upped the ante with skin packs by creating a machine that adds an additional upper web on skin packaging.

According to Food and Beverage, this new technique ensures food safety and increases the strength of plastic skin packaging. MULTIVAC provides skin packaging using thermoformers and tray sealers. Each product creates a literal second skin that allows individuals to touch and feel the packaged product, in addition to seeing it clearly.

Eco-conscious Plastic Packaging

Finding ways to make sous vide recipes in plastic containers that are safe and eco-friendly is no longer a dream. The Sealed Air Corporation developed environmentally sustainable polypropylene (PP) trays and containers. PP meets the stringent guidelines set by the UK and Europe in regards to CO2 emissions, reduced waste and decreased packaging weight.

According to Food and Beverage Packaging, marketing and sales manager Sami T.K. Palanisami of Milliken explains: “High clarity polypropylene…brings the valuable environmental advantage of lighter packaging with a low carbon footprint during production and transportation, achieving a combination of benefits that is not possible with other materials.”

Innovations in Plastic Packaging are Coming Full Circle in the Food Service Industry

For those product innovators and marketers who are intent on improving the shelf life of their foods—whether you’re simply looking to switch the kind of packaging you use or by adopting a new method of packaging altogether— take advantage of evolving food packaging technology.

In addition to providing a longer shelf life for consumer products, new developments like SEALPAC’s TenderPac and the new MULTIVAC skin-sealing technology also extend packaging durability, creating a win-win scenario across the board.

Companies interested in evolving their food packaging offerings to more eco-friendly, food safe, durable and long lasting need only to look at packaging from the top performers.

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