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Our 5 Best Posts on Grocery Shopping Trends

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Oct 20, 2015 8:30:51 AM


With the Grocerant Summit in full swing, everyone is talking about the evolution of the modern consumer. Americans are changing the way they eat and shop for groceries, and retail brands need to stay on top of these evolving trends lest they fall out of favor. Need to know what grocery shoppers are looking for? Take a look at our 5 best posts from 2015 that dig into popular grocery shopping trends.

What Will Grocery Shoppers Be Buying in 2025?

What will grocery shoppers be buying 10 years from now? This is a difficult question for both food producers and marketers. New products can take  months, or even years to develop. While it is difficult to predict exactly what grocery shoppers will be buying ten years from now, industry experts are still looking to make predictions.

Make Grab-and-Go Deli Options More Attractive to Grocery Shoppers

When consumers think of grab-and-go deli options, processed lunch meats are often what comes to mind. In this post, we discuss what grocery shoppers are looking for in deli options, and how you as a grocer can take advantage of food trends to rethink your grab-and-go options.

Small Bites are a Big Hit with Grocery Shoppers

Snack sales are on the rise in grocery stores. Learn why food companies would do well to find more ways to provide fresh, natural and locally-sourced small bite options to grocery shoppers.

4 Key Traits Inform the Choices of the Modern Grocery Shopper

Grocery shoppers' habits are changing, and it is imperative for your brand to know what influences grocery shoppers to choose one product over another. In this post, we take a look at 4 traits that currently influence grocery shoppers’ choices.

Milennial Grocery Shoppers Crave Cheap, Healthy Eats to Go

The snackification trend looks to continue. Food companies need to develop new products that meet the Millennials' grocery shopper demands. Millennials live a fast-paced lifestyle, and food companies have an opportunity to develop new products to appeal their demands.



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