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Trend-Spotter: The Cutting Edge of Food Packaging

Posted by SugarCreek

Jan 6, 2015 2:30:00 PM

healthy-food-in-fridgePackaging is not just a way to contain a product or to ship it. It is a marketing strategy that glamorizes each item, and how something looks is a key selling point for food brands and with consumers.

As the rest of the world looks back at what was in 2014, the smart product developer or marketing firm is already considering innovative food packaging designs for the new year. Consider the following trends that will influence the success of packaging design in 2015.

Get Personal

Personalization will be a factor in the coming year. The days of mass-production are slowing in favor of smaller processing plants that emphasizes product quality and focus. The market will move even further towards creating packaging that appeals to niche constituencies like Millennials or gluten-free consumers.

What is it about a package that says, “We made this just for you?” Exclusivity of products will stand out in the 2015 marketplace.

Take the Healthy Approach

“Better for you” will be a buzz phrase in 2015.

The shift towards consumerized health means that Americans are paying more attention to what they put into their bodies. The savvy package designer will emphasize the health benefits of the product to appeal to a nation focused on wellness.

The challenge will be to find a way to promote the healthy features within distracting from the taste. Healthy foods don’t always have a reputation for flavor—or if they do it’s rarely a good one— so innovative food packaging will need to find a way to promote the healthfulness of the product without putting off consumers who are more interested in taste.

Part of this will also be keeping labels clean. Simple packaging with an ingredients list that consumers can read and recognize can go a long way to convince consumers that they’re making a healthy choice.

Some Like It Hot

As in hot and spicy, the trending flavors for 2015. Consumers are demanding bold taste to go along with their creative packaging. And ethnic flavors seem the way to go.

While you are focusing on new flavors, don’t forget old favorites.

Fusion is once again a major selling point for consumers who want to see their favorite foods mixed with exciting new flavors. Traditional products like Mac and Cheese will evolve into staple fusion concepts that appeal to the public.

Keep a Mind Toward Mindful Eating

Mindful eating is a term nutrition experts use to describe applying all your senses to enjoying food. And it’s a habit that is changing how consumers shop.

Food packaging needs to provide a full sensory experience. Create package designs that drive the senses to enhance the consumer appeal. Bright colors, textures and reflections will draw the eye to the product and make it pop. Focusing on matte surfaces, on the other hand, says this product is elite. Provide descriptive details that spark the imagination for both to draw them in.

Make It Sustainable

The company that develops packaging friendly to the environment will win sales in 2015. Package redesigns should include discussions on how the materials impact the world. Thirty percent of the waste in landfills consists of discarded packaging, according to the Toxics Action Center. Products contained in compostable containers will offer shoppers a way to enjoy the foods they love without adding to the environmental problems.

Part of this process will be making packages easier for consumers to handle, as well. Pouches are a big plus in that respect. Stand up polyethylene pouches that come with or without zippers are both sustainable and environmentally friendly.

How important is packaging in your marketing scheme? Probably one of the most critical aspects. How a product looks on the shelf or in a catalog is the ultimate selling point. Times are changing in the food service industry and that means new package designs for 2015.

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