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What is the Key to Success in Food Service

Posted by SugarCreek

Jul 17, 2014 1:03:00 PM

food_service_successDo you know what your customers really want? Do they long for attractive packaging? Do they yearn for fancy flavors? It turns out that all they really want is good food and impeccable service, according to a recent report byDelaware Online. Sounds easy enough, but whether you are in the retail space or in full-on food service, these two attributes do require some dedication.

Here are a few tips that can help you up your game and stand out from the competition:


So what makes food unforgettable? What does it take to provide your customer with something so delicious that they can’t help but becoming a lifelong customer? Of course, a skilled chef a plays a major role, but quality isn’t just about skill.

  • For the Retailer– If your target market is the grocery shopper, you clearly have your work cut out for you. You have loads of competition and a very limited amount of time to sell your goods (usually on the strength of your packaging). You need to make a product with integrity. Eliminate the bad stuff (added sugars and fillers are a big no-no these days), and bring out the best of the healthy ingredients. Focus on making your product taste better, while staying true to wholesome roots. And make sure your packaging clearly demonstrates why your product is superior.
  • For the Restaurant– If food service is your bread and butter, you still need to focus on quality and flavor. Source your ingredients locally whenever possible (this includes condiments and baked goods) and don’t overextend yourself. You don’t need to serve everything that anyone would ever want to eat. Instead, choose a few key items that you do the best and focus on delivery on taste and quality.


Once you have your food perfected, you better turn the focus to your service. It doesn’t matter how delectable and memorable your product is if you treat your customers poorly. As much as consumers today value quality food, it’s no secret that you have competition. If you aren’t treating your customers with the respect they deserve, someone else will.

  • For the Retailer– If you are only selling a single product on store shelves, you might have a hard time proving your service skills. However, you can make it clear on your packaging that you offer a satisfaction guarantee. And when you do get calls, do whatever it takes to keep the customer happy (coupons are your friends).
  • For the Grocer– If you are running an entire grocery store, you will have an easier time showing your customers that you take their satisfaction seriously. Encourage your associates to interact, offer recommendations, and even provide cooking tips and recipes. Samples can also go a long way in building relationships with your patrons. Who doesn’t love free samples?
  • For the Restaurant– In the food service industry, you have nothing if you don’t have incredible customer relations. Of course, your staff should always be courteous and respectful to your visitors. They should make recommendations and perform regular follow-up visits to ensure everything is exceeding expectations. It is also important that you allow customers to modify the menu items to meet their likes and dislikes whenever possible.

Focusing on food and service is not a new idea; however, it is one that is all too often ignored. While the frills and add-ons are nice, it all comes back to the basics in the food service industry. Give your guests delicious food made from high-quality ingredients, and treat them how you would like to be treated, and you have found the golden ticket to your success.

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Written by: SugarCreek

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