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How Quick-Service Restaurants Can Find Balance


American diners are looking for more than value.

Consumers want more and more specially-sourcing and preparation from fast food brands, yet they’re intolerant of being inconvenienced when the demands they place on vendors cannot be met, or when a product temporarily becomes unavailable.

It's not easy to keep pace with food trends.

By the time many QSR chains are able to change gears, tastes have often migrated. This throws some established fast food restaurants into a vicious lag-behind cycle and puts them at a market disadvantage.

It takes an agile procurement strategy to help a brand stay profitable and competitive in today’s fast-changing consumer environment.

This whitepaper explores:

  • The diverse and conflicting demands of health-and environmentally-minded consumers
  • How collaboration can be your best practice for staying on top of consumer demand
  • The intersection between consumer demand and business profit


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