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Download the eBook "Solving Restaurant Challenges with Food Tech: How Sous Vide Proteins Can Help You Tame Kitchen Chaos"


The Great Recession of 2008 left its mark on the restaurant industry. Restaurants struggled to survive as Americans began to eat out less, and experienced workers retired or moved on to other industries. With the economy on the rebound, consumers are dining out more frequently. The problem? Most of your kitchen staff is unskilled and new to the industry. That’s a recipe for disaster in the fast pace of a restaurant kitchen.

You need a way that your kitchen managers can simplify your kitchen’s workflow, while still providing your customers with unforgettably excellent culinary experiences.

Sous Vide Can Be Your Greatest Tool

In a labor shortage, moving to a sous vide-based menu could not only save your restaurant in the short-term, it could give your staff the time and positive work environment it needs to gain experience.

This whitepaper explores how RTE sous vide items help tame a chaotic kitchen:

  • Speeding up plating.
  • Virtually eliminating over or undercooking.
  • Ensuring that food always reaches the kill step.
  • Offering a marketing hook for the environmentally and health-conscious consumer.
  • Helping reduce waste and bring down overhead costs.

RTE Sous vide items may just be the savior the restaurant industry is looking for during the labor shortage.

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